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Where in Jesus’ Name are We Going?

Brothers and sisters in Christ of Good Shepherd,

It’s an exciting time to be part of Good Shepherd Lutheran Church! In October, November, and December we are being invited by our Transformational Ministry Leadership Team and Church Council to gather for The Shepherd’s Table. You might be asking, what is The Shepherd’s Table? Well…The Shepherd’s Table is part of a year-long transformation and renewal process at Good Shepherd. This process has also included a Congregational Vitality Survey, One-to-One conversations, a congregation-wide Bible study, and now The Shepherd’s Table events.

The three Shepherd’s Table events are opportunities to gather as many Good Shepherd members as possible at a table for a meal and a time of prayer, Bible study and dreaming about the future of our congregation. It will be a spirit-filled time exploring what God is calling Good Shepherd to live out in future ministry and mission together.

In November we will ask the question – “Where in Jesus’ name are we going?” Together, we will dig a little deeper into Good Shepherd’s God-given gifts and resources that have been lifted up previously and focus attention on the community outside the church’s walls. How does the community outside of Good Shepherd perceive us? How can we serve those who are not members of our congregation? How can Good Shepherd integrate more fully into the needs of our community? How can Good Shepherd serve alongside other ministries, agencies, and churches in western North Dakota?

Please join us at The Shepherd’s Table, II on November 14 & 15. RSVP to the church office at 255-1001 or

Grace and peace,

Pastor Craig

…join hands…build homes…change lives… Final Reflection from El Salvador

This post is being submitted by team member Susan Burrer.


Susan and Pastor Craig tying rebar.

As our teams end the Build, visually, we can see the progress of house No. 1, rising from the earthened footers to the rows of chespa-filled block and rebar walls, and house No. 2 with all the cement walls sanded and painted with sealer/primer.

Yet, it is what we cannot see that really matters. We cannot possibly know the long-term impact we have on these families…and they on us. We hear their genuine thanks and feel their gratitude in their hugs for a seemingly humble little place they can now call home…so physically life changing for them…but it is so much more. There are no words, really…we each go away with ‘something’ unexplainable in our hearts that was not there when we came to El Salvador.

May we each find a way to continue to pass on our blessings in whatever or wherever it is that God is calling us, and may we respond with “Here I Am Lord,” like the song says…


2014 El Salvador Mission Team