Daily Archives: July 15, 2013

A week of…

I’m in Dallas for a week called “re:fresh” at the Micah Center on the campus of Southern Methodist University…actually I’m not quite there yet, my bags missed their plane in Minneapolis. I’m waiting for them at the DFW airport before trying to find the hotel and go to bed.

20130714-212700.jpgThis week is hosted by Life in the Trinity ministries and we will be invited to engage with some of my favorite thinkers and pastors in the church, most notably Brian McLaren and Tony Jones. The week will focus on practicing spirit disciples and listening for ways in which these disciples are integral to our life as pastors and children of God.

I’m especially looking forward to studying the Enneagram in depth. My Benedictine sisters in Christ at Annunciation Monastery have encouraged me to look into this for quite some time. This is the first opportunity I’ve had and, needless to say, I’m really looking forward too this aspect of the week that is before me.

As part of my walk this week, I’m hoping to post a short reflection each day about the experience. I’m not sure what these will entail or whether I’ll actually feel like writing during the week, but I’m hoping so. right now, I’m looking forward to a great deal of time simply resting in the presence of the Holy Spirit in new ways this week. If writing is part of that – cool. If not – I’ll offer a synopsis when I get back to the holy land of western North Dakota.

Grace and peace be with you in your journey this week!

Pastor Craig